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Rural Homes Are Better Options For Many Buyers

At Prestige & Village, we care about why people buy homes, and why people don’t make an offer.

We know there are many factors to consider. We speak with our clients, and gain their insight. We also stay in touch with the latest findings and studies across the country.

Why Prospective Buyers Don’t Make An Offer

A poll conducted by broker First Mortgage examines the key reasons prospective buyers walk away from a property deal, with 80 per cent of Brits saying they are picky.

Top 10 reasons for not making an offer on a home

  1. Noisy neighbours – 47%
  2. Loud area – 45%
  3. By a main road – 44%
  4. Thin internal walls – 43%
  5. Near an airport – 41%
  6. Hard to park nearby – 40%
  7. Lack of storage options – 38%
  8. Ceilings being too low – 35%
  9. Steep stairs – 34%
  10. Poor Wi-Fi – 33%

David McGrail, compliance director of First Mortgage, said: “When looking for a home, it is important to envisage what it is like to live there 365 days a year, if a dog in the neighbourhood is barking every day nonstop, this could become an issue. A property is likely to be the most expensive single purchase you ever make, being picky is essential. When considering where to live it is important to be switched onto the various factors that could affect your finances as well as your happiness in the home. A few chips on the paintwork isn’t the be-all and end-all, however structural issues could even result in a mortgage being denied.”

Now, in the countryside, noisy neighbours, loud areas and living by a main road aren’t too common, so you’ll see these issues aren’t as prevalent in the areas we operate in.

In fact, if you look through the top ten, the most pressing issues that our clients deal with are likely to be a poor Wi-Fi, and for some clients, lack of storage options. Thankfully, these are problems that can be resolved with a little bit of time and money, and we are more than happy to offer guidance on helping you improve these elements.

The key issues for many people when it comes to rural living, or life in the countryside, include:

  • Schooling options
  • Suitable nearby facilities and amenities
  • Transport options

While it is impossible to speak for all areas at the one time, there is no denying that these elements are improving in many parts of the country. Also, at Prestige & Village, we are more than equipped to help you with these matters.

We know the best schools in the areas we cover, and we know the shops and services residents trust. We also know the local transport options, and leading roads. If you are a homeowner, we will present your house in the best manner, and if you are looking to buy property, we will make sure you receive all the information and guidance you require to make an informed decision.

At Prestige & Village, we care about our community, and supporting others. We aim to provide you with as much help and assistance as we can. If you have any property or housing questions, please feel free to contact us today.

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