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Rural Property To Rent UK

Entering the rural property to rent UK market is an exciting opportunity for many village and rural property owners. There is significant demand for rental rural property in the UK, but even with this demand, it is best to get help from letting and estate agent professionals.

At Prestige & Village, we help homeowners let rural property in the UK, overcoming the challenges in the lettings market.

UK rural rental property must meet energy efficiency standards

If you let property in the UK, not just village or rural homes, you must comply with letting legislations. A crucial regulation is the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) regulation, and all rental property must comply with Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations.

Some rural houses are less energy efficient than others, and this might cause problems when letting rural homes. Currently, all rental property must hold an EPC rating of E or better. By 2025, there will likely be a further change, with new tenancies requiring an EPC rating of C.

If you need help reviewing your rural property and assessing whether it is suitable for letting purposes, please turn to an experienced letting and estate agent. Prestige & Village assists many rural landlords across the UK, and we are here to help you let your rural house if required.

Also, there is funding available to assist with energy-efficiency improvements, and we can advise you on these matters. For help with all rural rental property issues, contact Prestige & Village.

Connecting with tenants when letting rural property in the UK

The appeal of rural settings, with space, the great outdoors, privacy and quiet, is huge, and it is easy to see why rural rental homes are in demand. However, there is still more that homeowners can do to connect with likely tenants.

There is no harm in contacting us to assess your rental property. We know what tenants are looking for, and we can help you present your rural house in the most appealing manner. A few small changes could make a huge difference to the demand for your rental property, and what sort of rental fee tenants are willing to pay.

You should also consider the rules you apply to your rental home. Many landlords prefer to not let their rental accommodation to tenants with pets. However, pets are a mainstay of rural and village, so this might not be as much of a concern for you as it is for city landlords.

We know what rural tenants expect to see, so if you want to prepare and present your rural property to rent in the UK, we are the letting and estate agents you can rely on.

Contact Prestige & Village for help with UK rural property to rent

Our knowledge in the rural rental market is second to none, and we are here to assist village homeowners and rural property owners connect with tenants. We can manage your rural rental accommodation on your behalf, ensuring you can relax, and enjoy the rental income.

Get in touch with Prestige & Village to arrange a rental property valuation today.

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