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A journey to success in the world of property partnerships

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, adaptability and seizing opportunities are the keys to success. Meet Andrea Banks, a dynamic property partner at Prestige and Village, who shares her journey into the realm of property and the advantages of being part of this esteemed organization.

A Fortuitous Turn in the Lockdown Era


Andrea Banks’ foray into the world of property began unexpectedly during lockdown. Having successfully managed her recruitment business, she found herself contemplating new ventures. With the property market thriving amidst the pandemic, she saw an exciting opportunity and decided to explore further.


Curiosity led her to connect with a fellow property professional, opening the door to a whole new chapter in her career. Despite initial uncertainties, Andrea’s tenacity and business acumen soon came to the forefront. Rather than limiting herself to the lower-priced properties, she recognized the potential in engaging with high-value clients, leading to early successes.


The Journey as a Property Partner


Andrea’s journey from property consultant to a property partner was marked by hard work, dedication, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. With her deep understanding of sales and her matchmaking experience from running a recruitment business, she quickly established herself as a formidable force in the industry.


As a property partner at Prestige and Village, Andrea’s role involves sourcing properties for sale, handling photography, brochures, and negotiations, and matching buyers with sellers. This personalized approach expedites transactions and ensures successful outcomes. Furthermore, her versatility and passion for diverse ventures, such as her flying school and property sales in the South of France, offer clients a unique and compelling experience.


Why Prestige and Village?


Despite contemplating starting her own estate agency, Andrea found herself drawn to the appeal of Prestige and Village. The organization offered her the perfect blend of independence and support. By becoming a property partner, she gained access to a ready-made business model with a well-established brand and a supportive team.


The existing infrastructure, including a comprehensive CRM system, pre-built website, and access to major portals like Rightmove, minimized initial costs and allowed her to hit the ground running. This, combined with a favourable commission structure, made the decision to join Prestige and Village an easy one.




Harnessing the Power of Branding and Team Support


Andrea attributes a significant part of her success to the power of branding and the unwavering support of the Prestige and Village team. The brand’s professionalism and quality resonate with clients, instilling trust and confidence in their property partner. The ready-to-go glossy brochures and access to exclusive events like polo matches have proven to be valuable marketing tools, setting her apart from local competitors.


The continuous team support has been invaluable throughout her journey. With an always-available resource to discuss strategies or seek advice, Andrea never feels isolated in her pursuits. This collective approach to success fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, enabling property partners to grow and thrive together.


The Path to Prosperity


Andrea’s journey with Prestige and Village has been one of remarkable achievements. Her clientele is now largely built on recommendations and referrals, a testament to her dedication and outstanding results. Through personalized services, shrewd market insights, and a knack for identifying opportunities, she has earned a reputation as a sought-after property partner.


Her story stands as a testament to the possibilities that arise when passion meets opportunity. As the world of property continues to evolve, Andrea Banks proves that with the right mix of independence, support, and determination, one can achieve lasting success in the real estate industry.


The Interview In Full :


**Interview with Andrea Banks: Thriving as a Property Partner with Prestige and Village**


*Interviewer:* Good morning, Andrea. Thank you for joining us today. Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and how you got into the property industry?


*Andrea Banks:* Good morning. My name is Andrea Banks, and I am a property partner for Prestige and Village. I actually got into property during lockdown. It’s quite an interesting story, really. I was on a dog walk, contemplating different career paths after closing down my recruitment business. I thought property could be an exciting venture, so I contacted a friend who was already in the industry to get some insights.


*Interviewer:* That’s fascinating. Can you tell us more about your journey into property?


*Andrea Banks:* Certainly. Initially, I started by making phone calls to potential clients in the property market. However, I decided to change my approach and began contacting individuals with higher budgets. This entrepreneurial mindset led to interesting opportunities, like receiving an offer on a block of apartments for a pension fund.


*Interviewer:* That sounds like a great start. How did your role as a property partner with Prestige and Village come about?


*Andrea Banks:* After proving my capabilities in the property industry, I was offered the position of a property consultant. Within a month, I had already sold and sourced 30 properties for a local agent. It was evident that this was the field I wanted to be in, and all my work now comes through referrals and recommendations.


*Interviewer:* That’s fantastic to hear. How does your background contribute to your success in the property market?


*Andrea Banks:* My background plays a significant role in my success. I have always been involved in sales, from being a national accounts manager for prominent companies to running my own recruitment business. These experiences honed my skills in communication and relationship building, which are crucial in the property industry.


*Interviewer:* It’s clear that your diverse experiences have been beneficial. Can you tell us why you decided to join Prestige and Village?


*Andrea Banks:* I had been contemplating starting my own estate agency, but I felt the need for a reputable brand and support structure. Prestige and Village offered me the perfect balance between independence and support. They already had a well-established website, CRM system, and a team to help me, which was incredibly appealing.


*Interviewer:* That sounds like a great fit. How has the Prestige and Village brand helped your business?


*Andrea Banks:* The Prestige and Village brand has been a game-changer for me. It has helped me in marketing my business effectively, especially with the polo events they organize. I recently took on a developer who was highly sought after by other local agents. But thanks to the brand and the offering I presented at the polo event, they chose to work with me.


*Interviewer:* Impressive! Can you describe your role as a property partner at Prestige and Village?


*Andrea Banks:* As a property partner, I source properties, organize brochures and photography, and negotiate with potential vendors. My focus is on building strong relationships with both buyers and sellers to ensure a seamless and successful transaction. I make it a point to match the right buyer with the right property, expediting the process.


*Interviewer:* It sounds like you’re dedicated to providing the best service to your clients. What do you consider the key benefits of being a property partner at Prestige and Village?


*Andrea Banks:* The key benefits are immense. As a property partner, you have a ready-made business, eliminating the need to set up your own website or invest in expensive portals like Rightmove. The brand’s reputation and support team offer confidence, and the exclusive area I cover ensures minimal competition. Additionally, tools like Sprift help me stay ahead of the market and offer a personalized touch to potential vendors.


*Interviewer:* It sounds like a highly rewarding opportunity. Can you sum up why you would recommend working with Prestige and Village?


*Andrea Banks:* I highly recommend working with Prestige and Village because it offers the perfect balance of independence and support. You can earn more than you would with other local agents or setting up your own business, thanks to the already established infrastructure. The brand’s reputation, marketing events, and team support all contribute to a thriving and successful venture.


*Interviewer:* Thank you, Andrea. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you and learning about your journey with Prestige and Village.


*Andrea Banks:* Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure sharing my experiences. I hope it inspires others to find success in the property market as well.


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