Architecture & design

We offer a personal architectural design consultation to establish exactly what it is you want to achieve. Ultimately, we want to work along with you so that we both think the finished article is amazing!

Stage 1 – Consultation, Concept Design, Planning

Our Design Consultation involves discussing your brief and exploring what may be possible within local relevant planning parameters. At our first meeting, using our briefing page, we can start to build a framework of your ideas and develop them together.

After working up a brief together we will arrange a full digital property survey to gather all the information we need to take us on to the next step…

Stage 2 – Construction drawings, Engineering, Building Control

At this stage we need to take the planning drawings and overlay all the information required to make sure your project measures up to building regulations. This can seem complicated but we will take care of any details required to allow your vision to be build-able.

Stage 3 – Specification of works, Quotations, Contracts

This involves preparing a detailed document setting out the complete scope of the works of your unique project. We can provide you with a carefully considered document outlining the scope of the works right from demolition through to the finishes you want. This includes a room by room walk through which is best done in person, for you to fully get to grips with how your project will come to life.

All of this means that the contractor will know exactly what you want to achieve and therefore he will be able to give you a more accurate price. Time spent here getting it right will mean you can avoid unexpected costs further down the line. The more detail – the less hidden surprises!