Equestrian is at our heart

Polo Is Thriving And Ideal For You

Polo has been described as the sport of Kings, and who are we to disagree? At Prestige & Village, we work hard to provide you with the highest standard of service in the housing market, but we also like to make the most of our leisure time
Polo is an activity that provides you with sporting, social, health and fitness benefits, so as an extension to our Equestrian Specialism and expertise, we are proud to support the promotion of the polo community.

Why we love polo

When it comes to finding an activity you love, there are always crucial reasons why a particular activity grips you and makes you determined to spend as much time as possible enjoying it. With polo, there are many ways into the activity, and who doesn’t love the majesty of a horse in full flight. Channelling this motion into a sporting activity is hugely appealing, and we are pleased to say polo is a sport for all ages.

More young people are becoming involved with polo, and this is something Prestige & Village is keen to play a role in support. We believe polo offers the following benefits:

  • It is a fantastic sport to keep you fit
  • It is an activity that becomes a hobby and lifelong passion for many, not just a sport
  • With team elements, polo is great for character building and developing friendships
  • Polo is more affordable than it has ever been, allowing so many more people to enjoy the activity
  • Polo is a hugely inspirational sport 

We get out into local communities all over the UK

Of course, one of the best ways to help people fall in love with polo is to get out and meet them, and the ponies are the star attraction at many events.

Many school fairs and events have been brightened with the arrival of the polo ponies, impressing children and adults alike. We love to spread the word, and with our Prestige & Village branding and literature, we help people to appreciate what polo has to offer.

Polo players and horses, with P&V branding, regularly visit schools. We conduct educational visits promoting the health and fitness benefits of the sport and providing an introduction to the sport.

The P&V Annual Polo Cup

While polo is a fun activity that brings many benefits on its own, it is also a tremendous team activity, and who doesn’t love a competitive edge when it comes to sporting endeavour? We are very proud to sponsor an annual polo cup with counties facing up to each other in an attempt to claim the prestigious PV Cup and bragging rights.

Whether you have a favoured team or not, Cup Final Day is always a special occasion, and we look forward to welcoming people to the event. Whether you are a seasoned polo professional or you are keen to see what the sport has to offer, this event is an ideal opportunity for you to find out more about polo.

A Heartfelt Thank You for coming along to our PV UK Polo Event️

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for your incredible support at the Prestige & Village County Challenge event on May 28th. Thanks to you, we raised an astounding £22,500 for Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Your dedication, generosity, and tireless efforts made this achievement possible. To all the participants, sponsors, volunteers, and organisers, we extend our deepest appreciation. Each step, mile, and pound raised signifies a significant leap towards a brighter future in the fight against cancer.

A special note of thanks goes to our dear celebrity friends who joined us, adding glamour and inspiration to the event. Your influential voices raised awareness and mobilised invaluable support.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your boundless generosity. Together, we are making a difference and forging a path towards a world free from cancer’s grip.

We sponsor polo at Silver Leys

You’ll find that Prestige & Village likes to be active with the things we love, and our team has a genuine passion and love of polo. This is why we are pleased to sponsor polo at Silver Leys, which is believed to be the oldest polo club in England. The club was first established in 1894, and for many people, is the leading name in this fine sporting activity.

We also find the setting at Silver Leys to be highly conducive for networking, socialising, doing business and having some fun. The venue is regularly used as a marketing and entertainment venue, and the team at P&V vouches for the high standard of service on offer.


6-7 May: May Cup
14 May: Schools Polo Festival
20-21 May: Ribbon Cup
28 May – PV ‘County Challenge Trophy’ Day

3-4 June: BSG
17-18 June: Presidents Cup & WIP Ladies

1-2 July: Silver Leys Cup
15-16 July: Midsummer Cup Festival of the Horse
29-30 July: John Matthews Memorial

12-13 August: Harvest Cup British Country Festival
26-27 August: Print on Demand Cup

9-10 September: Survivors Cup
23-24 September: Icing on the Cake Trophy