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The Prestige & Village business model is refreshingly different as all our seasoned property professionals work for themselves but have the full support of an established brand – Prestige and Village. We offer a fun entrepreneurial environment for you to grow as well as the chance to use your own initiative and flair!

What our people say

Prestige & Village’s business model means that all our consultants work for themselves but have the full support of an established property brand. If you are experienced in the property industry fed up with working long demanding hours for little reward or you would just like to have a better work-life balance, PV could be the right fit for you.

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Have you ever dreamt of controlling your own destiny and keeping 70% of what you generate? Have you ever wanted to work in the luxury property market? Would you like the freedom of being your own boss?

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We supply all the tools you need to become a successful licensed Property Partner; from back office support to marketing and social media set ups. You will have the reassurances of a recognised brand and a tried and tested business model, backed by an established, fast growing company.

Why become a licensed property partner?

We supply all the tools you need to become a successful licenced Property Partner, from Rightmove & Zoopla access to training and back office support. When you choose PV, you have the reassurance of a recognised brand within the property industry and a tried-and-tested business model, backed by an established, fast-growing company.

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As well as supplying you with materials from the outset to get you up and running, we supply access to a marketing suite for all your needs. this will include direct mail opportunities as well as additional paraphernalia for purchase if required.

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The brand

This is a unique opportunity to work with a premium brand that is growing in recognition that produces a high level of service of sale to premium properties throughout the UK. With the demographic we are typically dealing with, we find most partners are managing 6-8 properties at any given time and aim to convert a minimum of 50% to sale.

With our average fee currently sitting at 1.25% and rising, you as a partner would receive 70% of the fee on any property you complete on. Additional revenue bonuses are awarded from fees from recruits you bring in as well as up selling other ancillary services (Conveyancing/Financial Services). You will always have freedom to decide your own fees.

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Each Property Partner is assigned a territory of their choosing (subject to availability). That territory is defined by an exclusive number of postcodes allocated around you and your local area. You will have a good idea at what areas would be more suited to the brand, so these can be discussed and decided beforehand. Any neighbouring postcodes that are unlicensed are also free for you to operate in.

We organise a territory with you that you are happy with, we support and help you gain traction within your area, whilst supplying you any leads that come through in surrounding or other postcodes if you are happy to travel.

Once you have established yourself in your area(s), we can look adding additional territories, if this is of interest. If you wish, we can support you in recruiting more people to cover the remaining area postcodes around you so you can earn off their efforts too.

I have what it takes!

What we expect from a Prestige & Village Property Partner

We are seeking experienced and enthusiastic Property Partners who are able to:

• Professionally and correctly represent the brand at all times.
• Have the knowledge and willingness to put your own input into marketing and social media platforms (video posts, walk throughs, brand awareness and lead generation posts), with full and dedicated support from our social media and marketing team.
• Be willing and able to use various platforms to create targeted bailouts, go door knocking, canvassing and promote themselves. Training and continued support will be provided.
• Be open to sponsoring local brand friendly clubs in your area, such as polo, rugby, or golf clubs.
• Have a passion for the property industry and a hunger to succeed.

Prestige & Villa

Prestige & Villa is a global platform that showcases and presents luxury properties from all over the world. The website allows users to view, enquiry and arrange viewings in consultation with our teams abroad. Exquisitely engineered to ensure the best properties are available at a touch of a button.

As a global network offering exclusive homes and luxury real estate services to buyers and sellers worldwide,  we already have over 500 international property listings, some which are priced at over 30,000,000 Euro.

Tailored for real estate priced at GBP £750,000 and above, our global marketing platforms provide a world-class showcase for distinguished homes. This brings an international presence and elevation to your business and a world of opportunity!